Our 3rd single, Floating Feathers is out now!

photo: Markus Laakso

Jules Näveri – vocals
V Santura – lead guitar
Hurja Helle – rhythm guitar
Thomas Wright – bass
Tony – drums 

Rootbrain is a five star-collective featuring members of bands like Triptykon, Profane Omen & Kuolemanlaakso. Hailing from Seattle, Finland they serve a peculiar mix of dangerous groove, juicy melodies, and punky attitude. They call their unique style “black grunge”. You can call it whatever you will. 

The band was formed by Thomas Wright and Helle who had known each other for years from being active in the Finnish metal scene since the mid 90’s. The need to form a new band was born out of frustration of the pair, feeling a stagnation in the modern metal scene and a shortage in emotion and creativity. So, they just decided to start making the kind of music they would like to listen to and play on stage themselves. From there on everything gathered momentum very naturally and before they noticed, Rootbrain had become a complete band. A unit of five very talented musicians who all bring their own qualities to the mix.

Rootbrain’s music is both catchy and artistically ambitious. It is structurally compact and musically diverse. They have their own recognizable identity. The philosophy of the band is simple; life is short, so spend it with the best people doing what you love. Rootbrain is not a project. It is a band built on brotherhood.

Their yet unreleased debut album “Breakwater” has been engineered, mixed and mastered by V. Santura of Triptykon and Dark Fortress at Woodshed Studio, Germany. Originally, he was asked to record, produce, and play some leads for the album. To everyone’s pleasant surprise he was so impressed by the band’s groove, chemistry, and song-writing that during the sessions, he ended up joining the band as a lead guitarist full time. 

During these challenging times, the band is already writing songs for their second album. They hope to start touring as soon as possible. They already had a bunch of live shows planned before the pandemic put everything on hold.

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